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Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Tori Sargent

1 2
    4               5
6         7                  
  9 10             11
12                   13    

4.This Is What Children Receive On Christmas
6.People Call Christmas This When They Celebrate It Without Christ
7.The Place Where Santa Lives
8.This Is Celebrated On Christmas
9.These Are Decorations That You Put On An Christmas Tree
12.The Big Sales Day After Thanksgiving
15.This Is The Reindeer That Has A Red Nose
1.What You Leave For Santa On Christmas Eve
2.Famous Christmas Candy
3.This Is The Month That Christmas Is Celebrated
5.These Are Santa's Helpers
10.This Is What Santa Rides From House To House
11.The Big Man That Slides Down The Chimney
13.Reindeers Have These
14.Famous Christmas Drink

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