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Holiday Crossword

Ms. Kendra

1 2
3 4         5
7   8 9                
10     11                    
  13 14        
15             16 17                    
        19 20              
  21   22                
23       24         25         26  
    27         28 29 30       31    
33       34     35            
36   37       38
39           40      
42         43         44    

4.Number of reindeer.
9."The _______ were hung by the chimney with care."
10.Color of Rudolph's nose.
11.A cake containing dried fruit and nuts.
12.Red and white candy in a hook shape.
15.How Santa gets into a house.
17.Where Santa lives.
20.To give and receive presents.
21.A sprig of this is hung for people to kiss under.
23.Color of Santa's beard.
25.Christmas songs or hymns, esp. in a group.
27.An arrangement of flowers, leaves, or stems fastened in a ring and used for decoration.
30._______ on 34th Street (movie)
32.Santa's little helpers.
33."________ Bells" (song)
35.A drink made from a mixture of beaten eggs, cream, and flavorings, often with alcohol.
37.Christmas ________ are mailed to friends and family.
39.What Santa rides in.
40.What elfs make.
41.White frozen precipitation.
42.The _______ Express (movie)
43.Santa has been referred to as "_______ Nicholas."
44.Color of Santa's suit.
45."I'm dreaming of a _________ Christmas" (song)
1.Another word for a present.
2.Popular as a houseplant at Christmas that has large red flowers.
3.Decoration hung on Christmas tree.
5."______ through the snow." (song)
7.Fictional character created by Dr. Seuss that hates Christmas.
8.We __________ the house with garland.
13."______ night" (song)
14.Christmas month.
16.There are _______ on the reindeer that you can hear ringing.
18.Type of animal that pulls Santa's sleigh.
19."_______ the halls" (song)
22.What was Frosty?
24.Christmas Story - "You'll shoot your _____ out!"
26.A cold-hearted, tight-fisted and greedy man, who despises Christmas and all things which give people happiness
28.A tree or bush with dark green leaves and bright red berries.
29.______ bread house.
31.A sweet food made with sugar or syrup.
34.Strings of these are put on Christmas tree to brighten it.
36."________ Christmas!"
38.What you put on top of a Christmas tree.
41.How the Grinch ________ Christmas (movie)

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