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NPTE review

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1.Most common disorder of the blood
3.Assistive device providing the greatest amount of stability
5.Reflex innervated at the L3-L4 spinal level
7.Drug class causing peripheral vasodilation, typically used to decrease angina
8.Test for hip flexor tightness
10.Type of stroke caused by embolus or thrombus
11.Patient's with osteoporosis are at an increase risk for this injury
16.Extraneous and involuntary movements, slowness of movement, alterations in muscle tone. May look 'wormlike'
17.Neurological disorder of the CNS, characterized by degeneration and atrophy of the basal ganglia and cerebral cortex
19.A therapeutic treatment technique designed to facilitate contraction and stability through joint compression
22.Brain injury occurring opposite to the site of impact
27.Tangles in the brain found in postmortem Alzheimer's Disease
30.Second most common neurological impairment in children
31.A measure of validity of an instrument's ability to identify a true positive
34.Nerve that sustains injury with carpal tunnel syndrome
36.Abnormally low potassium concentration in the blood
37.Standard unit of measure when recording alternating current frequency
38.Highest possible score on the Glasgow Coma Scale
39.Gait pattern where the legs cross midline
41.Reflex allowing for gaze stabilization during head movements
42.Precautions where gown and gloves are required
43.Positively charged ion used to promote healing, most often used with open lesions and ulcerations
44.The forward displacement of one vertebra over another
45.The sole diagnostic tool in determining the presence of cystic fibrosis
46.A type of fracture where damage to the periosteum is only on one side; often seen in children
47.Typical etiology of frozen shoulder
1.Longest and strongest tendon in the human body
2.Gland found on the top of each kidney
4.The S2 heart sound is made by closure of this valve
6.Condition resulting in increased dead space within the lungs, diminished gas exchange
9.Massage technique, light in stroke and produces a reflexive response
12.Disease typically resulting in decreased ROM, crepitus within joints
13.Syndrome in which the primary symptom is pain in tender points
14.High-pitched wheeze indicating upper airway obstruction
15.90% of individuals who experience a MI are susceptible to this complication
16.The current type in which polarity continuously changes from positive to negative
18.Sampling type where subjects are deliberately selected based on predefined criteria
20.Condition in which the head is laterally flexed, chin is pointed towards opposite shoulder
21.Maneuver utilized by children who have difficulty getting off the floor; typically with DMD
23.A type of exudate; indicator of infection, often yellow or green in color with a viscous consistency
24.The leading factor for the development of a pressure ulcer
25.Used to treat hypersensitivity, often in the case of severe burns
26.Type of imaging used to identify areas of diminished blood flow
28.Central cord syndrome typically occurs from this type of injury
29.Special test for De Quervain's tenosynovitis
32.A type of apraxia; Person plans a movement or task but cannot volitionally perform it
33.An ABI reading of 0.6 indicates this much blockage
35.Domain of learning focusing on attitudes, values, and emotions
38.A lesion of this nerve or motor nucleus will cause Bell's Palsy
40.40% of the gait cycle occurs in this phase

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