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1.Is a pie with custard filling containing such foods as chopped vegetables, cheese, and chopped cooked meat
5.This occurs because the meringue was spread on a cool filling
6.The round yellow portion of an egg it's encased in a thin membrane
10.Pocket of air between membranes of egg at wide round end
12.Is a foam mode of beaten egg whites and sugar
13.When you lift the beaters from the mixture and the whites gently bend over like waves
15.Standup strait when the beaters are lifted from the mixture
16.Baked eggs are easy to prepare break the eggs into a small bowl
17.Is made by folding stiffly beaten whites into a sauce or puréed food
2.The two thick twisted strands of albumen that anchors the yolk in the center of the egg
3.Brown droplets on the surface of the meringue may occur if the meringue is overcooked
4.The thick fluid commonly known as egg white gets thinner as an egg ages
7.Holds the egg mixture together to form a large thick pancake
8.Becomes firm changing from a liquid to a semi solid or solid state
9.Is like an omelet but the ingredients are stirred into the egg mixture
11.Eggs are excellent meaning they hold together two liquids that normally won't stay mixed
14.Is a thickened blend of milk, eggs, and sugar

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