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  4 5    
6                 7
        8 9          
    11       12    
  13           14                
15 16            
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  20                         21    
  22               23    
24       25        
26                                   27
28           29              

3.Henry Wolfe hurts Samantha Brooke by coming back to the hotel with a ____________.
6.What city in Texas is Wiley College located?
9.At the beginning of the movie, what weapon is used by one of the men during the fight?
11.Professor Tolson cannot travel to Harvard with the team because he it is a condition of his ___________.
13.Who showed up unexpectedly at the Harvard debate?
17.How many members are on the debate team?
18.Did James Farmer ever get a chance to debate?
20.What actor portrays Professor Mel Tolson?
22.How old was James Farmer, Jr. when he attended Wiley College?
24.TRUE or FALSE: Wiley College is a four-year, private, historically black, liberal arts college in Texas.
26.Which college was the first white school the debate team competed against?
28.TRUE or FALSE: James' father was the first black person to earn a PhD in the state of Texas.
29.What did the debate team see on the way to Prarieview?
1.One of the two team members who debated against Harvard.
2.TRUE or FALSE: Harvard University won the debate against Wiley College.
3.The name of the college the team members attended
4.TRUE or FALSE: According to Professor Tolson, negroes were denied birth certificates for most of the 1800's.
5.Jurnee Smollett portrays which character?
7.Which team member later became a minister?
8.Professor Tolson teaches his students the art of what?
10.The movie is set in 19_____.
12.What team was the national reigning debate team?
14.One of the two team members who debated against Harvard.
15.Who actor played James' father?
16.Samantha Brooke was the first female member of of the Wiley College debate team.
19.How much money did the man want for his pig?
21.In what state is "The Great Debaters" set?
23.TRUE or FALSE: Professor Tolson said, "Debate is a blood sport, combat. Your weapon in your OPPONENT."
25.The team was NOT welcome on most campuses because they were what?
27.What animal did James Farmer's father hit with his car?

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