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Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle

Matthew Liu

Find all the different types of elements from all sorts of places form the periodic table!

2 3      
  4 5   6
7           8               9
11     12       13        
15 16    
  18 19        

3.The thing in mechanical pencils
7.Bells are made with this element, and is a good conductor of electricity
8.A college that starts with a B is in the element's name
10.The element that we breathe
11.The element in milk
14.Bananas have a slight trace of this element
17.The element in water besides Oxygen
18.The coin we use to represent five cents
20.The element that makes signs look bright and glow
1.Has an average mass of 262
2.Has 30 protons
4.One of our planets are in this element and starts with a U
5.One of our planets are in this element and starts with an N
6.That popular song by David Guetta
9.The red liquid in a thermometer
12.The element that is put in swimming pools
13.The element that is in party balloons and make them float
15.What Superman is weak to
16.Can be made into diamonds
19.Robert Downey Jr.'s character has this element in his name

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