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World History Final Exam Review/Fall 2013

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50               51          

2.The idea that a monarch receives their right to rule from God.
6.Representative democracy.
8.Upton Sinclair's, "The Jungle" discussed ___________ production.
10.98% of France's population belong to this group.
11.Emperor of France, after Reign of Terror.
12.The ____________theory explains that people should give up certain rights to a strong gov't/ruler, so they can gain law and order in exchange.
13.What is the imperial motive? Ending the slave trade in Africa.
15.Charles Dickens and Coketown novel.
17.This company held a monopoly on trade with India, paving the way to imperialism.
18.Factors of Prodcution: Land, Labor, __________, and Entrepeneurship
20.Political boundaries in Africa were drawn here.
21.Natural rights- life, liberty, and ___________.
22.Believed that people were born with "natural rights", influenced U.S. Declaration of Independence.
24.New government of France, Swore Tennis Court Oath after Estates-General Meeting.
26.What is the imperial motive? Conquering new land.
28.Eli Whitney created this
30.British method for keeping the two major religious groups in India from uniting.
32.LImited monarchy, or one in which the monarch shares power with a legislative body.
33.Marie Antionette's native country.
34.What is the imperial motive? Finding cures for diseases in the rainforest.
36.Other major religion in India besides Hindu.
41.What is the imperial motive? Calling Chinese "heathens."
42.The policy of a stronger nation to attempt to create an empire by dominating weaker nations economically, politically, culturally, or militarily.
44.A revolution for independence in this country inspired the French Revolution as well as others.
47.This Queen was named the Empress of India
48.Time period/era that led to the storming of the French palace and change of power in France.
49.Major industrial city in England.
50.Britain and _________ controlled the most land in Africa during the Age of Imperialism.
51.This man led the Salt March in India.
52.Jewel in the Crown
1.Most dangerous place to work.
3.A time period of greatly increased output of machine and manmade goods.
4.King of France during French Revolution (include number)
5.Created the seed drill.
7.What is the imperial motive? Finding valuable resources in Africa.
9.Indian soldier that answered to the British.
14.System used to separate classes in India
16.This man led the Reign of Terror.
19.Extreme pride in ones own group, country, nationality.
23.Period when people began questioning ideas of equality, liberty, and democracy.
25.An "excuse" for stronger nations to dominate weaker nations (ideology).
27.New, improved method of farming.
29.Believed that people are naturally wicked and should be ruled by a Leviathon, or absolute monarch.
31.Method used to kill the king and queen of France.
35.As factory production increased, __________ decreased.
37.Wealthy landowners bought small farms and created these
38.Economic system in which money is invested with the goal of making a profit (free enterprise, private property).
39.Group that removed King Louis XVI from his home forever, ending monarchy in France.
40.Baron de Montesquieu believed that gov'ts should be organized this way.
43.This invention led to more jobs, more available goods, and more people working in the city.
45.The Industrial Revolution began in this location.
46.First Estate.

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