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Sociology of The Family

Lisa James

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1.Which theory argues that the family is the cornerstone of society, but it is under threat? (2 Words)
3.Beck's term to characterize Post Modern Society
5.Term used by Gittins to describe the inequalities between adults and children (2 Words)
9.Who argues that childhood is ‘disappearing at a dazzling speed’?
10.Doing paid work and domestic labour creates this type of burden
11.Who are the wage slaves?
15.Concept used to identify Male domination
17.Type of love identified by Giddens to justify family diversity (2 Words)
18.Type of shift that wives perform in Post-Modern society
2.Parsons term for the Breadwinner (2 Words)
4.Researched Housework
6.Multiple husbands
7.Multiple wives
8.Type of ideology which promotes the Nuclear family as the best family type
12.What term refers to the movement of people from place to place. It can be internal, within a society, or international?
13.Functionalist who identified the 'Fit Thesis'
14.Functionalist who identified 4 functions of the nuclear family
16.Who coined the term 'Toxic Childhood"?

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