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They Look Like Us

Mr. Mullen

7th Grade Unit 8 vocabulary

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6   7          

1.My interest in Jennifer was__________when I heard she loves Degrassi as much as I do.
4.Daria loves to __________ through the crates of vinyl records at the record store for hours on end.
7.We sat on the beach and watched the sun __________ below the horizon until it disappeared.
9.Trent gave his girlfriend a ring as a __________ of his everlasting love for her.
10.Maria was __________to hear that she didn’t get the lead in the school musical.
12.My puppy is so __________ when I come home from school, I have to run around the block with him a few times to calm him down.
13.I’m so hungry I could __________ an entire cow right about now.
14.From the way he acted, I always __________ that Dante wasn’t from around here.
1.The basketball team __________ a victory out of thin air when they made an astonishing 20-point comeback in the fourth quarter.
2.The criminal genius figured out a way to make convincing __________ passports using nothing but a laser printer and a roll of Scotch tape.
3.I think I hear a tiger __________ in the bushes! We have to get out of here!
5.There’s nothing I love more than spending a __________ day relaxing in the hammock in my backyard.
6.The mathematician ___________the equation for weeks before he finally figured out how to solve it.
8.Bryce always __________ us; he acts like he’s better than us just because he made a viral video. How hard can that be?
11.My neighbor is a film editor, and he invited us to see a __________ of the new Superman movie months before it was released in the theater.

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