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4.Tells the speaker that his message is being well received. p180
6.Rules that speakers and listeners in Canada and in many other cultures follow in conversation. p181
11.Deny to others and perhaps even to yourself that you have certain feelings. p174
12.Tells the speaker that something is wrong and that some adjustment needs to be made. p180
13.Explain how emotions work in communication. p172
1.Topics or language that should be avoided. p180
2.Agreeing with the other person that you will both cooperate in trying to understand each other. p181
3.Involves at least three parts: bodily reactions, mental evaluations and interpretation, cultural rules and beliefs. p166
5.Communication that refers to other communications; it's communication about communication. p186
7.A statement that aims to ensure that your message will be understood and will not reflect negatively on you. p179
8.A state of awareness in which you are conscious of your reasons for thinking or behaving. p185
9.Lack conscious awareness of what or how you're thinking. p185
10.Thinking and behaving in which you vary your messages based on the unique situation. p185

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