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High Vacuum Technology

Paul Nash

2 3 4           5
6             7    
    9       10  
11                     12              
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        15 16    
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  22       23                     24 25
26               27                      
28       29                  
31                 32     33             34
35                     36            

4.A flexible metal pipe
6.A high vacuum gauge that measures ion current
11.A filter for trapping oil in pump exhaust
12.Thousandth of a bar
13.The property of a pipe or fitting that measures throughput
14.Polishing surfaces reduces Surface ????
17.Torricellis first name
19.An older high vacuum pump that uses hot oil
22.Pump like a jet engine
26.Metal seal using knife-edges
27.A Mass ??? used for leak detection
29.A valve that uses an elastomer seal
31.Best type of steel for high vacuum chambers
32.A vacuum below 7.5x10-8 Torr
35.The opposite of explosion
36.A liquid metal
1.A very cold pump
2.The absolute scae of temperature
3.A number relating to molecular flow
4.A method of leak testing sealed packages
5.The direct transfer from solid to gas
7.A leak that isn't real?
8.A gas that should be removed from copper
9.Pressure = ?/Area
10.Most common gas in the atmosphere
13.A ??? manometer - high vacuum gauge
15.The distance travelled by a molecule between collisions
16.Essential for achieving ultra-high vacuum (and cooking!)
18.Trade name of Fluoro-Elastomer
20.A device for passing probes and power into a vacuum chamber
21.A problematic metal found in brass alloys
23.The evolution of gas from surfaces
24.A valve operated by air pressure
25.A pump based on Archimedes screw
28.A gauge that isn't active
30.A tracer gas used in leak detection
33.An undesirable feature of mild steel
34.A low vacuum gauge that uses resistance

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