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1           2
  3 4  
  5     6                 7    
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    29 30 31            
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  35         36          
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    42     43              
        45 46          

1.Number of clinical hour required for each methods class.
6.Notation used to teach hymns in the 1800s; still found in some hymnals today (2 Words)
8.Orff composed this work (2 Words)
11.Music, grammar, rhetoric, astronomy, arithmetic, logic,geometry (3 Words)
15.Basic, general ideas are retained better and for longer periods of time than specific facts.
17.You music have a job to be a member of a profession.
19.The national association for music education
20.Led to the Contemporary Music Project (3 Words)
22.Requires extensive preparation ad education; usually a baccalaureate degree
23.Another name for conservatory, used ca. 1500s
25."To teach sounds before signs, To teach but one thing at a time" are principles attributed to ____.
27.Desired behaviors demonstrated by teachers and teacher trainees
30.First of the fine arts to complete its national standards in 1994.
33.Teaching principles are similar to Pestalozzi
34.Performing, composing, conducting, arranging,improvising are all types of
36.According to Kodaly, Dalcroze , Orff and Suzuki it is important to teach music to children at a ____age.
37.Philosopher David Elliot defines music as: a diverse human _______.
39.Kodaly composed this work (2 Words)
42.Number of clinical hours required for certification by the State of IL (2 Words)
46.Emphasis on musical literacy
47.First type of music taught in US public schools
48.The resultant of a generalizing mental operation; generalizations about phenomena.
49.Composer of "Carmina Burana" (last name only)
1.Two quarter notes, two eighth notes, one quarter note
2.Contains 230 vocal and instrumental pieces (three words) (3 Words)
3.Developed a system of hand signs to teach singing
4.Theme: "Music in a Democratic Society" (2 Words)
5.Musicer-music; Listener-_____
7.Means "good flow"
9.The No Child Left Behind Act places heavy emphasis on this area; AKA "testing"
10.Actions that students engage in as a means of learning
12.1980; "A Nation ______" (two words) (2 Words)
13.Places in early America where people went to learn church music (two words) (2 Words)
14.First type of instrumental ensemble in American public schools
16.Type of response that is fundamental to Dalcroze; also used by Mason to justify music in the public schools
18.Process whereby students with disabilities are incorporated (when possible) into regular classrooms.
21.American city which first included music in the public school curriculum
24.Country that is associated with both Dalcroze and Pestalozzi
25.Lowell Mason justified the inclusion of music in the public schools for moral, intellectual and ____reasons
26.Number of clinical hours required for this class
28.Refer to physical activities such as: vibrato on the violin, tonguing on the trumpet, sightsinging
29.Father of American music education
31.Organization concerned with improving the pay, working conditions of its members
32.Person associated with the progressive education movement.
35.The Doctrine of ____states that music affects moral character
38.Teaching methodology: movement
40.Teaching methodology: rote
41.Teaching methodology: singing
43.Author of your textbook
44.After WW___the percentage of children in the public schools reached its highest level.
45.Teaching methodology: instruments

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