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3.a theory which claims that the original sounds of language came from cries of emotion (3 Words)
6.It means the invention of totally new terms
10.It means language can be passed on from one generation to the next, acquiring the language from other speakers and not from parental genes (2 Words)
14.It means joining two words to make one:
16.writing where symbols represent single phonemes (2 Words)
17.She was taught to use a set of plastic shapes which could be arranged to represent words.
21.Language began as imitations of natural sounds and animals (2 Words)
22.It means any speaker/sender of a linguistic signal can also be a listener/receiver.
24.A sound made with both lips
26.There is a more abstract relationship more arbitrary in terms of form & meaning
27.the stems of nouns, verbs, adjectives are typically this type of morpheme
29.a single grapheme or picture which represents a word or a a meaningful unit of language.
30.Property of language where like many other animals, humans use their voice and ears` to transmit meaning. And communication is almost always reciprocal in the sense that there is reader/write or speaker/listener. (2 Words)
31.It means taking words from other languages.
33.Morphemes that do not change basic meaning or part of speech but rather express grammatically-required features or indicate relations between different words in the sentence
34.She spent 5 years attempting to get her to ‘say’ English words by trying to shape her mouth as she produces sounds.Eventually, she managed to produce poorly articulated versions of mama, papa, and cup.
36.It is the property of human language that allows language users to talk about things and events not present in the immediate moment
37.the most common word formation process developed by adding prefixes and suffixes (affixes). In some languages they also have infixes.
38.This chimpanzee was taught to communicate using sign language
40.A process of using existing symbols to represent the sounds of languange (2 Words)
41.It means that the sounds that are meaningfully distinct
42.It uses pictures to represent particular images in a consistent way where a conventional relationship must exist between the symbol and its meaning
43.sound is one in which there is approximation or contact between the teeth and some other articulator.
1.it theorized that some of the physical aspects of humans that make the production of speech possible or easier are not shared with other creatures: (2 Words)
2.It means linguistic signals do not normally serve any other type of purpose, such as breathing or feeding.
4.Another speculation on the origin of language is that the first words were imitations of natural sounds (3 Words)
5.proposes an extremely specific connection between physical and oral gesture involving a "specialized pantomime of the tongue and lips" (3 Words)
7.It means linguistic signals can be picked up by anyone withinhearing, even unseen (2 Words)
8.In three and a half years she learned signs for 100 words and connected them to make simple two word sentences and some sentences were novel (productivity).
9.It means taking some parts of one word and adding it to the end of another:
11.prepositions, articles, pronouns, and conjunctions are typically this type of morpheme
12.a change in the function of a word-when, for example, a noun, without any reduction, is used as a verb
13.It theorized that In most religions there appears to be a a godly source that provides humans with language (2 Words)
15.It means that language can be organised at two levels simultaneously
18.Morphemes that makes new words from old ones and change the part of speech or the basic meaning of a word
19.It means a word of more than one syllable is reduced to a shorter form
20.tongue tip between the upper and lower teeth
23.It means there is no natural connection between a linguistic form and its meaning
25.words made from the initial letters of a series of words
28.A reduction process by which a word of one type (noun) is reduced to a word of a different type (verb).
29.A consonant articulated with contact between one or both of the lips and the teeth
32.It means linguistic signals are produced and disappear quickly (2 Words)
35.it is a minimal unit of meaning or grammatical function
39.She pushes symbols that stands for words

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