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Zoology - Review Puzzle

Review of Lessons 1-6

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1.The force that enables an aircraft or creature to propel forward.
6.Birds that lay their eggs in other birds' nests and leave them for the other birds to brood and raise. (2 Words)
7.What do you call a group of eggs in a nest?
11.The thick, hard, central pole running up the middle of a feather.
12.The order in which a bird loses its feathers. (2 Words)
17.This is the sharp notch on the top of a newborn bird's beak, enabling it to hatch out of its egg. (2 Words)
18.A bird _____ to attract a mate and mark a territory.
20.The study of animals.
21.A built in need to do something for survival.
22.A typical bird nest that forms a bowl, usually nested between branches. (2 Words)
23.What a bird is doing when it picks up ants and rubs them on its feathers.
24.The developing chick inside an egg.
2.The ability a bird has to reach its destination without getting lost. (2 Words)
3.A ______ animal is able to keep a steady body temperature even if the air around it is hot or cold. (2 Words)
4.The small pocket of air between the inner and outer shall membrane. (2 Words)
5.The covering on a bird. The one feature that identifies a bird from other animals.
7.A tuft of feathers on the top of a bird's head.
8.A thick roll of skin and fathers between the feet and stomach of a penguin which is used to keep eggs warm. (2 Words)
9.The force put forth by air which pushes on objects and creatures. (2 Words)
10.Birds that have become lost or flown off the normal migration path and end up in locations where they are not normally found.
13.What does a bird use its tail for when flying?
14.This is what a bird is doing when the parent bird continues to sit upon the newly hatched birds to keep them warm.
15.What an animal does when it seasonally leaves a particular region for another and returns during another season, such as a bird's flight south in the winter.
16.Which birds build platform nests?
19.What part of the feather attaches to the bird's body?

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