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Secondary Dispatch

Mary Gonzalez

1 2 3
  5   6  
8             9              
    11   12            
15                 16      
20     21            

4.You use the channel marker when you do this (three words).
7.You should always do this to TAC 2.
8.Send one unit and a sergeant C3 on this type of incident unless the primary unit or the sergeant ask for more (two words)
12.Ask your_________________ for this if you miss a transmission.
15.Motor and ____________ units must back off a pursuit when a patrol unit takes over.
16.It is your job to run subjects in this system.
17.You will interpret and voice JDIC _______________ over the air.
18.You will work this way if your partner gets up.
19.Check this window for CLETS return notifications (two words).
20.Send the _____________ if they are available.
22.LAPD can talk to us on this channel.
23.You should keep a tally of how many of these a unit is down.
25.This person types while the primary dispatcher talks (two words).
1.The airship is a good resource to set __________________.
2.You must ______________ with your partner.
3.Restrict the air with this unless you are told not to.
5.You ask the unit if they are 10-35 before you give them this type of information.
6.When a unit asks for a ______________ 28/29, it means they are following the vehicle.
9.The secondary dispatcher assists this person.
10.______________________ are sent via MDC.
11.Voice the DR number _________________.
13.You are responsible for maintaining an accurate ____________ (two words).
14.You send no less than three units with one preferably being a sergeant on this type of incident.
21.You use this number to run LOJACK hits.
24.Sometimes you have to do this to two or more radio channels to talk to other agencies.

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