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3.the individual being the expert
5.the main type of social control in post-modern society
6.the compression of time and space
7.type of economy in post-modern society (2 Words)
9.what type of theories are grand narratives?
10.the term used to describe how post-modern society is split up
11.what is the cause of crime according to post modernists?
12.term used to describe the way individuals get norms and values in post-modern society (AS term) (3 Words)
1.Big stories (2 Words)
2.which cognitive power is evidenced in Modern society?
3.Beck's concept used to describe the nature of post-modern society
4.what type of crime is committed for the fun of it? (2 Words)
8.social variable have been replaced by this as a source of identity
10.which post-modernist theorist reserached the history of punishment?

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