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Battle of Brooklyn

Mr. Mullen

8th Grade Vocabulary, Unit 8

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1.It __________ me so much when drivers tailgate me that I often scream at them.
4.Only __________ water polo teams made it to the state championship meet.
7.Nothing is more __________ to a soldier walking through a village than the sound of absolute silence.
8.The model immediately noticed the __________ in the evening gown, even though it was very tiny.
9.By __________ with each other for various items, the Native Americans were introduced to different types of tools, foods and musical instruments.
11.The hostages were completely __________ from being given only bread and water for two months straight.
12.Diana tried to keep her feelings hidden, but it was the most __________ display of affection I had ever seen.
13.New York City was forced to __________ all of its police officers during the riots.
14.After the marathon, the runners looked __________ and in need of hot showers.
2.Many homeless people are __________ to catching colds and the flu in the winter since they live on the streets.
3.The cotton tent had been __________ with nylon so that it wouldn’t rip.
4.The __________ babysitter was pulling her hair out because she couldn’t get the triplets to stop crying.
5.China placed a total __________ on all American-made products.
6.The small country was so isolated that it created its own unique religious __________.
10.The restaurant manager ordered me to count our __________ of ice cream toppings.

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