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Chapter 9: An Emerging World Power

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6.The _________________ Act established a civil government in Puerto Rico
9.Alfred T. Mahan argued that since ancient times, many great nations had owed their greatness to powerful _____________
11.Country ruling over Cuba, Puerto Rico, & the Philippines
13.Matthew Perry forced this country to trade leading to its modernization
14.The U.S. supported a Panamanian rebellion against __________.
15.Wilson refused to accept Huerta or a government of _______
21.ended the Spanish -American War; Treaty of _______
22.Taft’s diplomacy (2 Words)
23.Anything bought or sold; any article of commerce
24.extractive economies removed ____ materials & shipped them to home country
1.American jingoism (fierce nationalism) was fueled when an insulting _____was published
2.Roosevelt fought with the Rough _________________
3.Guerrilla ______ involved small bands of fighters attacking non-traditionally.
4.Wilson’s diplomacy (2 Words)
5.America wanted trade, not colonies, in China; called its ___ Door Policy
7.Upset that the U.S. controlled the Philippines, _____ Aguinaldo organized an insurrection
8.The Teller Amendment stated the U.S. would not annex ________
10.When this canal was built, it cut 8,000 nautical miles off a trip from east to west coast
11.Social Darwinists believed America was too isolated (not fit) and would not ______
12.The U.S. acted as a ______ power in Latin America, preventing European intervention
14.___________ Refused to sign to sign the agreement to annex Hawaii
15.Roosevelt's diplomacy (2 Words)
16.Americans in the late 1800s had ____ goods than Americans could consume
17.The Philippine Islands were a stepping stone to trade with _________
18.The ______ Press published the headline "War? Sure!"
19.Seward purchased this frozen tundra, which was rich in oil & timber
20.Instead of attacking Cuba first, Dewey surprised the Spanish in Manila ____
21.The _________________ Amendment restricted the rights of newly independent Cubans and effectively brought the island within the US sphere

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