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Med Term Review Semester One 2013

Mrs. C. Livings

In preparation for the med term portion of the Semester Exam. P = Prefix. R = Root. S = Suffix. (E) = answer in English (L) = answer in Latin/Greek (A) = abbreviation

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23               24           25   26
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4.itis = red, hot, ___ & painful (E)
5.Latin suffix that means 'gushing' (L)
7.Tea, juice, milk, coffee & soda are examples of ____ (Latin root word)
8.ASA (E)
9.Opposite of 'ortho' (L, P)
13.English meaning of 'rrhea' (L)
15.malacia (E, S)
17.Medical word that means "constantly stable" (L)
19.A med term that means the same thing as 'adipo' (L)
20.Laparo (E, R)
23.Head (L, R)
24.chondro (E, R)
28.Medical word that means "enlargement of many teeth" (L)
29.Histo (E, R)
31.A membrane located around the bone (1 P + 1 R + 1 S) (L)
33.A permanent surgical opening into the windpipe is aka a 'trache________' (L)
35.Examples are 'erythro' and 'leuko' (L, R)
39.Nephro (E, R)
40.A word used at midnight on 12/31 (L, P) "Happy ___ Year"
1.Intestines, organs, 'guts' (L, R)
2.plasty = to surgically ______ (E)
3.Intra (L, P)
6.ALS is an example of a _____, abbreviated 'dx'
10.One who studies (L, S)
11.Something 'full of watery stuff' (1 R + 1 S) L
12.NPO = _____ by mouth (E)
14.Medical word that means 'pain absence' (L)
16.Medical word that means 'fear of different' (L)
18.opthalmo (E, R)
20.Medical word that means "to measure oneself" (L)
21.Which of these means 'blood'? (hemi, hemo, leuko, erythro) (L, R)
22.Medical word that means 'to cut into the abdomen' (L)
25.The knee, the elbow, the ankle, the wrist, for example (L, R)
26.Surgical removal of (L, S)
27.Low in QUANTITY, not low in QUALITY!!!! (L, S)
30.Quick! Hurry up!! Run!!! (L, A)
32.Latin term for vomit(ing) (L)
34.The opposite of 'near' (L, P)
36.Hemi (E, P)
37.Condition (L, S)
38.Difficult or painful; just not right (L, P)

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