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Chemical Bonding


Holt Modern Chemistry Ch6

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3.ion that is made of a group of covalently bonded atoms
6.ability of a substance to be drawn, pulled or extruded to produce a wire
10.pair of electrons that is not involved in bonding
12.molecule that contains only two atoms
15.covalent bond in which the electrons are shared equally
16.simplest group of atoms from which an ionic compound's formula can be established
17.mutual electrical attraction between the nuclei and the valence electrons of different atoms
18.bonding that results from the attraction of metal atoms and the surrounding sea of electrons
1.neutral group of atoms that are held together by covalent bond
2.energy required to break a chemical bond
4.covalent bond in which there is an unequal attraction of shared electrons
5.Chemical compounds tend to form so that each atom has an octet of valence electrons
7.formula that indicates the relative numbers of atoms of each kind using atomic symbols and numerical subscripts
8.type bond that results from the electrical attraction between cations and anions
9.ability of a substance to be hammered or beaten flat
11.bonding in molecules or ions that cannot be correctly represented with a single Lewis structure
13.formula that shows the types and numbers of atoms in a molecule
14.type of bond that results from sharing of electron pairs between atoms

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