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Junior Girl Scout Girl's Guide

A crossword to help you get to know the Junior Girl Scout Girl's Guide. All answers can be found in the newest edition of the Girl's Guide.

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1.Junior Girl Scouts can go on a leadership ________________.
3.I will do my best to use ____________________ wisely.
4.On my honor I will try to serve god and my _________________.
6.The third key to leadership is to _______ ________ to make the world a better place.
7.On February 22 Girl Scouts around the world celebrate ___________ _____.
12.The highest award for Junior Girl Scouts is the __________ _________.
13.Juliette's nickname was _____________.
14.The Girl Scout slogan is "do a _________ _________ daily."
15.The Girl Scout mottos is "_____ _____________-."
18.The first key to leadership is to __________________your own values and what is important to you.
19.Juliette Gordon Low shares her birthday with __________________.
1.Junior Girl Scouts can earn the __________ _______ award by helping younger Girl Scouts at three meetings.
2.Girl Scouts was founded in 1912 by ____________ ___________ _________
5.On October 31 Girl Scouts celebrate _______________ _____
8.Junior Girl Scouts can ear the My Promise, _____ ________ award by exploring how Girl Scouts and their faith offer similar ideas about how to act.
9.The first Girl Scouts played sports and went _______________, things girls didn't do in those days.
10.The first two Girl Scout patrols were called the ____________ and the White Rose.
11.A _____________ _____________ lists the jobs that need to be done and who should do them.
16.Daisy became almost completely _____________ when she got rice in her ear.
17.The second key to leadership is to _________________ to others.

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