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International Relations 1919-1929

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5.Right wing uprising in Germany in March 1920 (two words)
11.This agreement restructured Germany's reparations payments in April 1924 (two words)
15.A group of senior diplomats established in 1920 that was in charge of overseeing matters arising from the Paris Peace Treaties. Often overlapped/overruled the League. (three words)
16.The League was relatively successful in solving this post-war problem in the 1920s
17.The League failed to prevent Poland occupying this Lithuanian capital city in 1920
19.The French invaded this area in January 1923 over German non-payment of reparations
21.Woodrow Wilson's belief that national groups should determine their own goverments (two words)
25.German word for 'union' - banned between Germany and Austria by Versailles
26.One country not invited to the Paris Peace Conferences
27.Italy refused to leave this Greek island that it had occupied when ordered to by the League in 1923
31.Which part of Germany was transferred to Denmark under the terms of Versailles? (two words)
32.Clemenceau wanted this to become an independent state but, eventually, it was just demilitarised
33.This influential statesman became Chancellor of Germany in August 1923
34.The first major (left wing) uprising in Germany after the war in January 1919
37.The constitution or key rules of the League of Nations was known as this
38.This League commission made relatively little progress in the 1920s
40.The League of Nations did not have one of these (two words)
41.The civil service of the League of Nations
1.Clemenceau, Wilson and Lloyd-George (two words)
2.The intended means by which the League of Nations would maintain peace (two words)
3.1925 international agreement that guaranteed the mutual frontiers of France, Belgium and Germany
4.Point 14 of Wilson's 'Fourteen Points' established this body (three words)
6.A 'new country' created by the Treaty of Versailles out of the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
7.Area of land returned from Germany to France in 1919 (two words)
8.Anti-war agreement signed by 65 countries in 1928 (three words)
9.The collective term for the former German colonies lost under the terms of Versailles
10.Lloyd George managed to persuade Clemenceau to reduce the very high figure of these payments that he wanted from Germany
12.Clemenceau's nickname - given due to his aggressive and combative nature (two words)
13.This industrial area in Western Germany was to be administered by the League for 15 years after Versailles.
14.Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles is more commonly known as... (three words)
18.The peace treaty that dealt specifically with Austria (two words)
20.Did not join the League of Nations
22.The British rejected this idea which was point 2 of Wilson's 'Fourteen Points' (four words)
23.How many states attended the Paris Peace Conferences? (two words)
24.The Fascist leader of Italy from 1922
28.The principle whereby ordinary people are allowed to vote on a single issue (i.e. who rules them)
29.A successful resolution of a conflict by the League in 1921 (two words)
30.All decisions taken by the Assembly or Council of the League of Nations had to be this
35.Germany lost the territories of Eupen and Malmedy to which country?
36.This former Eastern German port became an international city under the terms of Versailles
39.Germany was not allowed one of these under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles

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