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Keagan, Michael

Science Matters

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1.The amount of the matter a substance often measured with a balance
3.The process of changing a liquid to a solid
7.A heterogeneous mixture in which particles dont mix
8.Anything that has mass and occupies space
10.The process of solid to a gas
11.Has definite volume but no shape
12.The amount of mass in a certain unit volume of a substance
14.Breaking up; forming a solution of mixing two or more particles
16.A material that contain only one kind of particles
17.Vaporization that occurs slowly over different tempuratures
18.The force of gravity exerted on a mass
2.A heterogeneous mixture in which particles settle slowly
3.A volume of fluid that passes a point point in a pipe or a tube in a certain amount of time
4.No definite shape or volume
5.The measurement of the amount of space occupied by a substance; measured in litres or cubic centimeters
6.Combination of different particles
8.The process of changing a solid to a liquid
9.The process of changing gas to liquid
13.State of matter where it has definite shape and volume
15.Any substance that flows

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