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1.Produces printed copies of computer output
4.a socket in a microcomputer that accepts aplug in a circuit board
5.used to type instruction into a computer
7.Compact disk
9.instrument used to monitor and control computer system
10.processes data in acomputer
14.cover for the front of a machine
15.internal memory used for storage of information
17.pointer device on screen selection
18.electronic device that assist in the performance of human task
20.Output device that let you see your work
21.computer that provides client station
22.any computer hooked up to a computer network
1.instrument for drawing graphs
2.computer circute with electronic componets
3.used to get spken input
6.plastic magnetic disk used to store data
8.used to store files
10.a computer for controling antiaircraft fire
11.electrinic evice that manipulates data
12.Produce audio sound output
13.a pair of small speakers held close to the ears
16.combination of a computer
19.converts hand writen to digital

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