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Union in Peril and Civil War S.G.

Mr. Kane

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43                                             44                

1.These were Southern States that decided to Stay with the Union during the Civil War.
3.____ or the author of the Compromise of 1850 main goal was to avoid war over the issue of slavery.
6.These were Northners who were sympathetic to the South during the War.
8.This was feared because it could result in the break up of the Union (US), but the south felt they had to so they could protect their way of life.
10.The Union's strategy for the Civil War was called this... it included a blockade, division of the Confederacy along the Mississippi River, and taking the Capital.
13.This granted 160 acres of land to settlers who decided to farm out west for 5 years.
15.This raid led by John Brown only intensified the tensions between the North and South
17.Lincoln suspended this, which allowed him to keep dissent down, and those to object to war in jail (without a trial.)
18.The first shots of the Civil War were here.
19.The Author of "Uncles Tom's Cabin" made the south mad because it spread the anti-slavery sentiment in the North.
21.Expansion of Slavery into the Territories were the main topics of this during the Election of 1860.
24.Characterized as antislavery and violent, this person was the cause of "Bleeding Kansas" and the raid on Harpers Ferry.
26.This group faced lower pay than whites, higher morality rates, and discrimination during their service in the Civil War.
27.This was Grant and Sherman's strategy which targeted military operations, but also civilian population in the South.
28.This led to the question of whether slavery should expand to the territories (think past wars?)
31.This is the man who assassinated President Lincoln.
35.this was given to Kansas and Nebraska to decide whether or not to have slavery... meaning giving the residents of the area the right to choose.
37.Although it pleased southerners, this S.C. case also declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional and also said slaves did not have rights.
38.This was the turning point of the Civil War (and last attempt at a southern victory in the north.)
39.This person's view on slavery was to not allow it to spread. Although immoral, he saw it as a states issue.
40.This was nullified by the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
41.70% of all rail roads, 65% of all farm land, and 85% of all industry and a large population were all ____ to the North.
43.This election signaled the polarization of politics in the U.S. because Lincoln won the election without a single Southern electoral vote; and prompted the South to Secede from the Union.
44.This was the political party that did not want to allow slavery to expand into the territories.
45.Because this was bundled together as one set of resolutions, it was not passed.
2.This was the leader of the union duirng the battle of New Orleans (which advanced the Unions plan to control the Mississippi River.)
4.This woman started the Red Cross, and pioneered careers like nursing for women.
5.The Monitor and Merrimack were both these... just one of the new technologies of the Civil War.
7.This battle gave the Union Control of the Mississippi River, and it completed phase 2 of the anaconda plan.
9.Sherman's _______ affected the South because it destroyed the plantation system, removing social and economic support for the Confederacy.
11.Lee's retreat at this battle led to the fall of the Confederate Capital of Richmond.
12.This was another word for the "Draft" which caused riots in places like New York City.
14.This was the first southern state to secede from the Union.
16.This was the first major battle of the Civil War
20.Although it did not free any slaves, it made the issue of war about slavery, and also kept Europe out of the war.
22.This was Lincoln's main goal at the beginning of the Civil War.
23.The victory of the ___ reinforced the idea that the distribution of power in the US was more of the Central Government and not the States.
25.She was the most famous conductor of the Underground Rail Road.
29.This was the single day bloodiest battle of the Civil War.
30.This was part of the Compromise of 1850, that allowed slavery into any territory, nullified the missouri compromise, created personal liberty laws, the underground rail road, and forced the North to support Slavery.
32.This was the President of the Confederate States of America.
33.Besides Stonewall Jackson, this was the other big Southern leader of the Confederate Army,
34.The ______ army started to have a higher dessertion rate after Petersburg because they had no replacements, and the Total War being used in the South.
36.This President argued that the south could not secede from the Union, because it was a collective will of the people which could not be destroyed.
42.This group was dependent upon Slavery because they were mostly rural and had a lot of plantations.

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