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The Cosmology of Norse Mythology

Pam Brewer

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3.ash tree that linked and sheltered all the worlds
6.stronghold ruled by the giant king
7.the hall of slain warriors
9.Middle Earth, the world of men
10.Freyja's hall in Asgard
12.home of the giants
13.Hall in which the ruling gods will live after Ragnarok
15.realm of ice, freezing mist, and darkness in the far north
17.Odin's high seat from which he can survey the nine worlds
20.land of the dark elves
22.Frigg's hall in Asgard
24.Thor's realm in Asgard
25.spring whose water imparted wisdom
27.Part of Asgard in which Freyja's hall is located
29.hall of the god Heimdall
30.Hall, with a roof of red gold, in the world after Ragnarok
32.home of the light elves
1.well near which the Norns lived
2.the realm of the gods
4.Sanctuary of the gods in which are located their high seats
5.Hel's hall in Hiflheim
8.Void that existed between Muspelheim and Niflheim
9.realm of fire in the far south
11.river that divides Asgard from Jotunheim
14.Flaming rainbow bridge between Midgard and Asgard
16.Rivers that flow out of Hvergelmir in Nifliem
18.Thor's hall in Asgard
19.Balder's hall in Asgard
21.Serpent that surrounds Midgard
23.giant from whose body the earth was formed
26.realm of the elder gods
28.Hall where the goddesses have their high seats
31.Realm of the dead

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