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The Eye

Huff Puff

Linked to the IGCSE Edexcel Biology curriculum

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2.Hole in the centre of the iris that lets in light
4.The transparant front of the eye that does most refraction of light
9.Tough, protective white outer layer of eye
10.The part of the eye responsible for fine focussing
13.The muscles in the iris that contract in bright light
14.The back of the human eye that contains light sensitive cells
16.The muscles in the iris that contract in dim light
17.The nerve that transmits signals from the eye to the brain
18.The part of the eye where the optic nerve attaches to the retina and there are no light sensitive cells
1.Hold the lens in place
3.The shape of the lens when light enters the eye from a distant object
5.Light sensitive cells that detect light intensity and give us black and white images
6.The clear jelly that fills the inside of the eye and provides support for the eyeball
7.Light sensitive cells that detect colour
8.The most sensitive part of the retina
11.The shape of the lens when light enters the eye from a near object
12.change the shape of the lens
15.The ring shaped coloured part of the eye that controls the amount of light entering the eye

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