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Art 1 Semester exam

Stephanie Albert

1                   2   3
6     7
      8   9
  10 11         12 13                  
  14 15                              
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19         20                    
23       24                 25
28           29  
    30 31                  
32 33 34             35        
36             37                     38
        39 40 41        

1.Colors that are opposite to each other on the colro wheet
5.The correct placement of all the facial features
11.The nose is defined primarily using _______
13.A straight line that goes from left to right.
15.Lines that intersect at a right angle
16.Colors that give the feeling of coolness (blue and violet)
17.Recognizable math based shapes
18.A form that looks like a can
19.Colors such made by mixing a primary and secondary (red-orange, blue-green)
22.in the middle of the artwork
23.Farthest away from the viewer, near the horizon line
26.Colors that give the feeling of warmth (red, yellow, orange)
28.Which section of the eye has the most lashes
31.the line you draw from the corner of an object to the vanishing point. It establishes the illusion of a perpendicular line going into the distance.
34.On a tree the branches get ________ as they progress further up the tree
36.The line in a perspective drawing where the sky meets the ground. It also represents the viewer’s eye level.
37.A watercolor technique where you wet the paper first then add the paint
41.When drawing the nose you only draw ____ lines
42.Colors that cannot be mixed, they must be bought in some form (red, yellow, blue)
43.A work of art that represents a view of natural scenery
2.The illusion of distance created by using, overlapping, change in size, faded color and detail
3.Branches on a tree grow up and out in a "___" shape
4.A 3-D object
6.Closest to the viewer, on the bottom or very top of the artwork
7.The point on the horizon line at which lines or edges that are parallel appear to converge
8.Nature based shapes
9.Lines that run equal distance apart. These lines will never meet.
10.The illusion that an object is 3-D This is achieved through shading
11.A line that goes straight up and down
12.A tool used to organize color
14.An organized scale of values ranging rom the darkest shades and slowly fades to white
20.Whe drawing a mouth you start off with a mashed "___"
21.You should be able to fit ____ eyes on the eye line
24.Gradual smooth flow from one shade to the next
25.objects in the background appear ______ than objects in the foreground
27.A form that looks like a box
29.Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel
30.Colors created by mixing two primary (orange, green, violet)
32.A form that looks like a ball
33.The upper lip is _____________ than the lower lip
35.A series of lines all going the same direction. A techinque used to show value.
38.The eyes are in the ___________ of the head
39.The corner of the mouth lines up with the center of the ______
40.A 2-D object

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