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Chapter 5 The Periodic Table

By ME/Garrett

1 2                 3  
  6 7  
8       9                    

2.This is the repeating pattern in the periodic table. (2 Words)
5.These are elements in group 8A. (2 Words)
8.This is an electron at the highest energy level of an atom. (2 Words)
12.These are good conducters of electric current and heat.
13.These are the elments in group 1A. (2 Words)
14.These elements form a bridge between the elements on the right and left of the periodic table. (2 Words)
1.These are the columns in the periodic table.
3.These are the elements in group 2A. (3 Words)
4.These are elements whose propeerties fall between those of metals and nonmetals.
6.This is an arrangment of elements in column's, based on a set of properties that repeat from row to row. (2 Words)
7.Thi is defined as one twelfth the mass of a carbon-15 atom. (3 Words)
9.These are elements that are poor conducters of heat and electric current.
10.These are elements in group 7A.
11.These are the horizontal rows in the periodic table.

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