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Civics Unit 1 Final Review

Dr. Reimer

These are all of the terms that occur int he Chapters of Unit #1

1 2           3      
4   5  
  6   7     8                     9    
10                         11          
          14                   15
16   17           18        
            19       20
    21           22     23                                
24     25 26 27                               28          
                29             30                
    33                 34                
              36                       37
38 39         40   41       42                          
                    43                 44      
                  45 46                
48                               49   50  
  52                       53
54           55                

2.philosophy that says power should be split between branches of government
7.powers help by both the states and federal government (2 Words)
10.individuals impaneled to hear evidence against a person for breaking a law (2 Words)
11.The Study of the rights and duties of citizens
12.people that supported the passage of the Constitution
13.the means by which the three branches of government keep each from getting too much power (3 Words)
14.the use of violence by groups to against civilians to achieve a political goal
17.a plan for collecting and spending money
21.to forcibly make a person leave a country
23.powers the constitution specifically gives to the federal government (2 Words)
27.the agreement that led to the creation of the House and Senate (2 Words)
28.written untruths or harmful lies
29.spoken untruths or harmful lies
30.Mass moment of people from one area to another
34.principle that the law applies to everyone (3 Words)
35.Agreement on how to count slaves for the census (2 Words)
36.The first ten amendments to the Constitution (3 Words)
39.government in which citizens choose a smaller group to govern on their behalf (2 Words)
43.A written form of government
46.an addition to the Constitution
47.a noncitizen
48.a group of individuals or state governments
51.The part of government that is charged with enforcing the law (2 Words)
52.A written document granting land and the authority to set up a colonial government
55.system of law based on precedent and customs (2 Words)
56.hereditary ruler of a country
57.love of one’s country
58.The course of action the government takes in response to an issue or a problem (2 Words)
59.The idea that the true power in the a U.S. belongs to the people (2 Words)
1.English legislature
3.lawmaking body of a government
4.the branch of the government charged with interpreting the laws (2 Words)
5.To cancel a law
6.The opening part of the Constitution
8.meeting in Philadelphia in 1787 where The Constitution of the United States was written (2 Words)
9.powers that are held for the states (2 Words)
15.ruling that is used as a basis for rulings in later similar cases
16.protection from being prosecuted twice for the same crime (2 Words)
18.Government controlled by on person or a group of people
19.The part of the government that is charged with writing the laws (2 Words)
20.community member who owes loyalty to the government, and deserves protection from it.
22.form of democracy in which the people vote firsthand (2 Words)
24.A company in which only union members can be hired
25.Freedom to think and act without fear of government interference (2 Words)
26.The refusal to purchase certain goods
30.principle that the majority of the people in a society have the power to make decisions and rule (2 Words)
31.people opposed to the ratification of the Constitution
32.group of people that actually elect the President (2 Words)
33.the idea that different parts of government are responsible for different work (3 Words)
37.a representative to a meeting
38.government in which citizens hold the power to
40.written document that allows the police to search an area and seize evidence (2 Words)
41.legal process to gain citizenship
42.person that leaves their home country to move to a new one with the intent of living there
44.self-reliance and freedom from outside control
45.formal request for government action
49.the theory that a country should sell more goods to other countries than it buys
50.the banning of printed or filmed materials due to the fact that they are considered offensive or alarming
53.to approve
54.a group of people in one place who are ruled by a parent country that is elsewhere

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