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Spanish Crossword

Leonardo Carroll

2   3
4       5
6                 7
8       9        
    11   12  
15       16        

6.You eat this when your on a diet and made of leaves.
9.Go's great with chocolate and cookies.
13.A weeny rapped in a bun coverd with ketchup.
15.The earth is coverd by 71% of this.
16.The festive meat for Christmas.
1.A refreshing summer drink
2.You usualy order this with a burger.
3.A morning bowl with milk and _____.
4.The eyes of a breakfeast smile
5.Never say _____! (Justen Beber)
7.Not more but...
10.I cant live _______ you.
11.Papa Johns, Dominos, Little Caesars,ect...
12.I got it right so I am _______.
13.When you eat you break B____.
14.Not less but...

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