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Word Puzzle

By Nathan

1       2           3   4
6                                   7   8    
9 10                                    
  11                       12      
13 14                       15       16                 17
  18 19                          
        21   22  
    23     24                   25        
26     27                                
      29   30          
      32   33                          
34                                         35
38                                   39  
    43                         44              

1.Principle or policy of avoiding involvement in foreign affairs
6.Clocks set ahead by 1 hour (3 Words)
10.Of Montana, who had just become the first female representative (2 Words)
11.The readying of troops for war
14.Turkish repression in 1915-1916 against the nationalist movement among Christian Americans (2 Words)
16.Formed the communist party in March 1918
19.System of pricing determine by the goverment (2 Words)
20.A financier who had become self-made millionaire at 30 years old (2 Words)
23.A note/secret message sent by a "German Diplomat" to Mexico's government suggesting an alliance (2 Words)
26.President wilson's proposal in 1918 for postwar European peace (2 Words)
33.A progressive Republican from Nebraska (3 Words)
34.Law authorizing a draft of young men (3 Words)
36.Rule with unlimited power
38.Power to make decisions about one's own future (2 Words)
40.Distributing goods to consumers in a fixed amount
41.One of the 2 great European alliances before WW1, made up of Great Britian, France, and Russia (2 Words)
42.Row of workers and machines along which work is passed until final product is made (2 Words)
43.In WW1, Germany & Austria-Hungary (2 Words)
44.Deliberate murder of an entire people
45.In WW1, Russia, France, Great Britain and later the U.S.A
2.Name given to American troops in Europe during WW1 (3 Words)
3.Rewards given through military victory
4.A tactic in which senators take the floor and do not stop talking until their vote is permitted
5.Policy of aggressively building up a nation's armed forces in preparation for war
7.Group of armed and unarmed ships deployed to protect merchant ships
8.A person who opposes war and wishes to settle things diplomaticly
9.A German submarine
12.National group formed in 1910 to aid the adjustment of AA to cities (2 Words)
13.Was the nations food administrator (2 Words)
15.Swedish discover of dynamite, set aside some of his millions of establishments an international peace price (2 Words)
17.Speech or action that encourages rebelion
18.One of the two great European alliances before WW1, made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, and later the Ottoman Empire (2 Words)
21.Special war bonds sold to support the allies cause during WW1 (2 Words)
22.Devotion to ones nation
24.After a war, a territory or colony taken from the defeated nations and places under the control of one or more of the victors
25.Pledge by the German goverment to restrict U-Boat warfare (made in 1916) (2 Words)
27.Collapse of Czar's goverment in 1917 (2 Words)
28.British passenger liner sunk by German U-Boat on May 7th, 1915 with a high death rate of Americans and British citizens
29.1919 Treaty that ended the war (2 Words)
30.International organization, formed after WW1, that aimed to promote security and peace for all members (3 Words)
31.Head of the senate committee on foreign relations (3 Words)
32.Begging in 1916, the 1st mas movement of AA southerners to northern and western cities to escape radical injustice and find employment and better education opportunities (2 Words)
35.Situation in which neither side is able to gain an advantage on the other
36.Treaty or Truce
37.Payment from enemy for economic injury suffered during a war
39.Citizen who takes the law into his/her own hands

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