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Key Figurehears of Semester One

Mr Reynolds

1 2                 3
5                   6        
8                 9   10      
  12 13            
  15                       16  
17                         18              
  19                   20          
22           23     24
  28 29              

2.lived in walled cities, agricultural, natives of India
5.wealthy Roman landowners, the Senatorial Class
6.Theory of Forms, promoted the Philosopher King, The Republic
7.Goddess of Wisdom, represented by the the owl
8.Ruled Athens during the Golden Age, built the Parthenon
9."I am Awake"
13.no written language, possessed Vedas, introduced the Caste System
15.founded the Mauryan Empire, killed the Nanda Kings
17.conquered Gaul, assassinated by the Senate, allied with Cleopatra
18.Innovated the phalanx to include cavalry and archers
19.The Great Going Forth, The Middle Way, 8 Fold Path, 4 Passing Sights
20.Dacia, Syria, Forum, Column, "Don't Ask; Don't Tell"
21.term referring to Spartan slaves
22.defeated at Thermopylae, wanted to avenge his father Darius I
25.conquered from Macedonia to the Indus Valley, Pharoah
26.Killed by his brother Romulus for belittling his wall
27.victory @Milvan Bridge, convened Council of Nicea
29.began Pax Romana, built roads, left Rome of Marble
30.The Travelling Emperor, rebuilt the Pantheon
31.Roman commoner, composed the Tribal Assembly
1.Led the Goth armies against Rome in 410 AD
2.led The Great Persecution, restored order post-3rd Century Crisis
3.Neglected Gods, Corrupted Youth, Chose Death
4.The Beloved One, established Edicts promoting Buddhist ideals
10.built Persepolis and divided the Persian Empire into satraps
11.Author of the Arthasastra, Chandragupta's advisor
12.Conquered Ionian Greeks, founder of the Persian Empire
14.Defined Christianity as a unique religion, Hellenized Jew
16.opened the Lyceum, believed in relative perfection
23."_________ is at the gates!" Victory @ Cannae, Trebia, Trasimene
24.Defeated Judea and used POW's to build the Flavian Amphitheater
28.Roman God of War

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