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Around the World in 180 Days

Asia and Europe

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6.Who is called the "Morning Star of the Reformation"? (2 Words)
7.Person who has absolute rule over a country.
10.Basic unit of currency in Japan.
11.Land of fire and ice.
12.First book printed on Gutenberg's new movable type printing press.
13.Revival of learning and study of Scripture leading the to a reforming of the Roman Catholic Church.
15.One who willingly dies for his belief rather than denying it.
18.Roman emperor who brought an end to the persecution of the Christians.
20.The European city where the streets are actually water canals.
22.Who was responsible for beginning the Protestant Reformation? (2 Words)
26.A rectangular open box with rods containing beads; used for doing calculations.
28.A trip taken for a religious purpose.
31.Ancient Chinese sailing vessels designed during the Han Dynasty and still in use today.
32.The ancient language of India that is held sacred.
34.Largest continent on earth.
35.A language derived from medieval German and spoken by European Jews.
36.Capital city of Japan.
1.Great leader who conquered Greece in the 300's BC and became the ruler of Europe's first great empire. (3 Words)
2.Revival of learning based on the philosophy of the ancient Greeks.
3.Belief in one god.
4.World's largest island.
5.Basic unit of currency in India.
8.Warmest ocean in the world. (2 Words)
9.An Israeli communal farm settlement.
14.Largest saltwater lake in the world. (2 Words)
16.City set on seven hills.
17.Literally, beautiful writing
19.Largest mountain system in Europe.
21.The earliest form of writing developed by the Sumerians.
23.Form of government in which god is the ruler.
24.The European city where the Black Forest is located.
25.What one product did the Chinese want from the British?
27.A two-wheeled carriage for carrying people, pulled by one or more men.
29.A ruling family that passes power from one family member to another.
30.Where did the Renaissance begin?
33.Clothing of women in south Asia consisting of a large piece of cloth wrapped around the body.

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