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Psychology Crossword

The Intelects

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5.When the conditioned response is slowly disappearing
9.When we become informed about something in life but we put the knowledge away and use it at another time
15.Removing an object attached to your body causing you pain. EX. Having a sharp glass piece stuck in your foot is giving you pain, so you remove the glass piece to reduce the pain.
16.Something that does not create a response
18.The technique whereby an organism learns to avoid unpleasant or punishing stimuli by learning the appropriate anticipatory response to protect it from further such stimuli.
19.A type of consequence that helps control bad behavior.
20.The technique whereby an organism learns to terminate unpleasant or punishing stimuli by making the appropriate new response that stops the delivery of such stimuli.
21.A mental representation of one's physical environment.
1.Your ability to process information, reason, remember, and relate.
2.A reaction that is learned
3.Type of learning in which a behavior will happen more often when it's followed by reinforcement and will happen less often when followed by punishment.
4.Controlled by environmental influences rather than by innate or internal forces.
6.A stimulus that creates a predictable response WITHOUT previous training
7.The main necessities our body needs to satisfy our biological needs.
8.The different way you respond to different stimuli
10.Similar responses to a range of similar stimuli
11.A reaction that is learned and requires several sequences to complete the pattern / activity.
12.Stimulus that becomes valuable through its connection with a primary reinforcer
13.A way of learning to adapt an old response to a new stimulus
14.Stimulus that boots the possibility that the response will happen again
17.A Technique to teach an organism new skills it is already capable of but can not learn on its own. also wanting a reward for doing the task that was asked to do.

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