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The Vikings in England

1 2
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  5 6            

3.The main type of Viking boat used for warfare and exploration
6.The Viking capital of England from 947 onwards
7.The type of alphabet used by the Vikings
8.The area of Europe where the Vikings were originally from
10.The term given to the area of England ruled by the Vikings from 867 onwards
11.The nickname given to the second Viking King of England
12.A term often used in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle to describe the Vikings
13.The monastery in the North-East of England that was first place attacked by the Vikings in 793
1.The Vikings definitely explored as far as this large island in the North Atlantic
2.The literal meaning of the word 'Viking'
4.The last Viking king of England 1040-1042
5.The Vikings did not wear these! (2 words)
9.Viking King of England 1016-1035 (longer spelling)

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