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S. Jones

1 2
3         4 5   6     7
8   9   10      
      12         13
    15           16  
    18 19          
24 25     26
  29         30        
31             32            

3.A plant with spiky leaves and red berries
5.The bird we eat on Christmas Day
11.Another word for a birth
12.Santa's method of transporting presents
14.The number of maids a-milking there were in the carol
15.The animal which carried Mary
17.The name of the Archangel who visited Mary
19.Hark, the ------ angels sing
20.Traditionally used to kiss under
21.Where Jesus' parents lived
23.A small Christmas bird with a red breast
27.The gift of the second wise man
29.We decorate this with lights and baubles
30.Joseph was ' of the house and lineage of -----'
31.The time leading up to Christmas
32.The character who said 'Bah! Humbug!' about Christmas
1.A reindeer named after something in the sky
2.The building in which Jesus was born
4.The mother of Jesus
6.Rudolph's nose was this colour
7.An old-fashioned word for the Christmas season
8.You give him a carrot for his nose
9.Santa is also known as Saint --------
10.She gives a speech on Christmas Day
12.Boxing day is also the Feast of Saint -------
13.The king who was afraid of the coming of another king
16.It shone above the stable
18.The town where Jesus was born
22.We wrap these up until Christmas Day
24.You might get a paper hat in one of these
25.Tthey appeared to the shepherds
26.Fhere are five on the advent wreath
28.We sing these at Christmas

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