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Vocabulary Revision


Collocations, fixed phrases and Idioms for Advanced EFL students

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3.I have never ---------------such a difficult experiment before
7.The joke was ------------------ hilarious
8.I had to make a -------------decision; it was that or lose the contract
10.He ---------------------- a good living by doing translations
12.He had to drop out of the race because he -------------------- a muscle
16.She has a great sense of ---------------------- and would make an excellent investigator
17.From your ------------------of view, what's our best option?
19.I always --------------------my favourite web pages
20.We will be forever -----------------grateful for her kindness
1.The ---------------of the problem goes back to their childhood
2.They came up with a -------------- of lies to hide the truth
4.We were-----------------------impressed by her CV
5.Her single has been ------------------successful since its release last month.
6.I would never try to ------------------- into my husband's email account
9.Her postcard came right out of the -------------------
11.Translating isn't an ----------science
13.How they met was by a ------------------- of fate
14.I was --------------disappointed to hear I hadn't got the job
15.Have you ever done something crazy on the ------------ of the moment?
18.Who -------------the bill for the trip?

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