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Digital Technology Vocabulary

Troy Ellis

1 2 3
4                               5 6
        7       8      
11 12 13                             14
      19               20            
        21 22          
23     24                    
25             26        
          27 28
29                   30                  
32                               33            

4.Adjacent spreadsheet cells that have been selected. (2 Words)
7.Clicking on a cell to specify its cell reference in a formula
9.The bar separationg the column intersect. A cell is identified by its column letter and row number, for example C3
13.A spreadsheet applications in the Microsoft Office package (2 Words)
16.An error that occurs when a formula references the cell it is stored in. (2 Words)
18.Enters data and then selects the next cell in the column (2 Words)
19.The spreadsheet cell containing the cell cursor as indicated by a solid outline (2 Words)
22.Vertical Line of data identified by a letter
24.Rows and columns of data on which calculations can be preformed
25.used to copy a cell's contents to adjacent cells (2 Words)
29.Cell References enclosed in parentheses that are used by a function to preform the calculations
30.Solid outline around a cell that is used to indicate the selected cell (2 Words)
32.the rules the computer uses to evaluate the priority of the operations (3 Words)
33.Mathematical statement used to calculate values.
34.Function that adds the values of the cells in a range and divides the result by the number of cells in the range
35.Solid lines so that mark off the rows and columns in a spreadsheet.
36.used to display columns and rows currently not displayed (2 Words)
1.Data in the form of a time
2.When copied reflects the row or column it has been copied to (3 Words)
3.Horizontal line of data identified by a number
5.Adjacent cells in a row or column
6.the row number at the left of each row (2 Words)
8.Enters data and then selects the next cell in the row (2 Words)
10.Function that changes a value by rounding it to a specific number of decimal places
11.Cancels data entry and restores the cell's original content (2 Words)
12.An Excel Spreadsheet file.
14.Numeric data that can be stored in cells and used in calculations
15.Performs common calculations and returns a single value.
17.Where a row and column intersect
20.The column letter and row number used to identify a cell (2 Words)
21.The column letter at the top of each column (2 Words)
23.Words or characters stored in a cell that cannot be used in calculations
26.Data in the form of a calendar data
27.function that adds the values in a range of cells
28.Area near the top of the spreadsheet window that displays the content of the selected cell (2 Words)
29.Enters data and then selects the next cell in the direction of the arrow key (2 Words)
31.Located near the top of the spreadsheet windows. displays the location of the cell cursor (2 Words)

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