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World History Fall Final Review

Please complete the puzzle and use to study.

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  15                               16           17            
    19               20    
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  30     31    
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  35               36     37  

1.90% of the Native American population died from this
4.The transfer of goods, ideas, and diseases between Europe and the Americas (2 Words)
9.The belief that government should not be involved with trade (2 Words)
10.Leader of the Reign of Terror
11.Discovered the "New World" (2 Words)
15.The 3 Characteristics of a civilization are: government, food production, and ____________ (3 Words)
16.Thinkers of the ____________ believed that natural laws govern the universe
18.Founder of Buddhism (2 Words)
19.Safavid founder Esmail forced his empire to become
23.Protestantism was able to spread because of the efforts of
24.Holiest site in the Muslim world
27.The cow is not eaten in the Hindu world because this is used as fuel
28.The practice of removing people from the church for various offenses
32.He wrote "The Prince"
35.The nobility was part of this estate in France
38.This empire conquered the Byzatine Empire (2 Words)
39.His 95 Theses started the Protestant Reformation (2 Words)
40.Greek cultural achievements included the development of____________
41.This guarantees Americans' basic freedoms (3 Words)
42.When Christians tried to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims
2.Disagreements with the Catholic Church led to this event (2 Words)
3.97% of the French population fit in this class; had to pay high taxes (2 Words)
5.The Catholic Church tried to stop the Protestants in this movement (2 Words)
6.This type of art showed more realistic humans (2 Words)
7.This was a collection of Roman Laws (2 Words)
8.This technology allowed Humanism to spread quickly (2 Words)
12.Created his own church so that he could divorce his wife (2 Words)
13.Term used to describe the journey of slaves between Africa and the Americas (2 Words)
14.When the 3rd estate overthrew the French government (2 Words)
17.The principle author of the Declaration of Independence (2 Words)
20.This location helped the Byzantines control trade between Asia and Europe
21.The final prophet of god according to Islam
22.Political system of local government based on the granting of land in return for loyalty, military assistance, and other services
25.The Renaissance led to an increase in the number of these
26.Robespierre led this bloody period in French History (3 Words)
29.This was the central focus of people's lives during the Middle Ages (2 Words)
30.Sparta and Athens were the most powerful Greek ___________ (2 Words)
31.The Christian Church built by Justinian (2 Words)
33.Held the most power in early Feudalism (2 Words)
34.Anything that went against the Catholic Church
36.This city is the holy site for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity
37.Some Africans helped Europeans capture and move slaves in return for these

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