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Heros, Gods, and Monsters

Sarah Ray

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1.Pasiphae fell in love with a ----.
7.What kind of contest did Apollo challenge Marsyas to?
10.Atalanta and Meleager defeated a ---- created by Artemis.
11.What feilds were the dead sent to if they were of unusual virtue?
13.How many cheif gods where there?
14.Who is the mesenger god?
16.Who challenged Athene to a weaving battle?
18.Who guarded the gate into the underworld?
20.Who did Eros fall in love with?
23.What was Pandora given by Hermes?
25.What is Artemis the goddess of?
26.Midas was punished with donkey ----.
27.Pygmalion was an unmarried --------.
29.Atalanta was raised by what?
32.Who is the goddess of strategy?
33.Orpheus rescued Eurydice from where?
34.Aphrodite favored the dryad named what?
38.What domain does Poseidon rule?
40.What was Arion rescued by in the sea?
42.Who was the father of Theseus?
43.Who was the girl molded out of clay?
46.Everything Midas touched turned to ----.
47.What did Persephone eat in the underworld?
48.Phaethon rode the sun ------- across the sky.
49.Acrisius locked his daughter in a ----------.
50.Who gave humans fire?
2.Arion played what musical insturment?
3.Where did Theseus travel?
4.What did Poseidon create to win the favor of Demeter?
5.What tree whispers 'I don't know'?
6.What did Theseus kill in Crete?
8.Pygmalion was turned into a ----- by Aphrodite.
9.What did Hermes created for Apollo?
12.Who was the queen of the queen of the gods?
15.Perseus beheaded who?
17.Who turned into a tree because he fell in love with hinself?
19.What was Aphrodite the goddess of?
21.What is Rhea the goddess of?
22.Who is the father of Zeus?
24.Orpheus was mothered by the ---- calliope.
25.What was Aphrodite born out of?
28.Who is the prized daughter of Demeter?
30.Which goddess is forever a maiden?
31.Who is the son of Aphrodite that gives people love?
32.Who fathered Phaethon?
35.What was the moter of Artemis and Apollo?
36.Who is the smith god?
37.On what was Prometheus boung with chains?
39.Who was Hephaestus promised as a wife?
41.Pasiphae gave birth to the --------.
44.Who was the god of the sun?
45.What color were crows originally?

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