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Crossword Yoga

Donalda Beeson

1 2     3             4   5               6
7       8    
  10 11               12             13      
  15 16                         17    
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23       24 25               26   27
      31                 32    
35               36         37  
    38                 39
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      43     44      
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52           53                  
54 55         56            

1.Sun Salutation. Limbers up the whole body in preparation for the yoga asanas.
5.108 beads plus a large meru bead, used to help count the repetition of mantra (2 words).
9.Enlightened. The title given to Gautama the founder of Buddhism.
11.A sequence of 2 or more asanas performed in fluid motion with breath. Also a type of hatha yoga practice.
12.A state of balance.
14.Life-force, energy, power (like eastern chi).
16.The gesture of hands held together at heart center in prayer (2 words).
18.Literally, a thread that holds things together. Also a collection of aphorisms in the form of a manual.
19.The 4th chakra (heart). The site of passionate action: unbridled love, empathy, compassion, courage, devotion.
20.Alternate nostril breathing bringing purification of the nadis (two words).
22.The oldest surviving text of Hatha Yoga written by Swami Muktibodhananda.
25.The great lock (all three locks simultaneously engaged)(2 words).
29."The song of god"; the oldest yoga text comprised of 700 verses detailing a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna (2 words).
30.An internal lock and focus.
31.The 5th chakra (throat). Represents our voice and ability to use it to express truth.
33.A yogic gaze or point of external focus. Where the eyes are looking while in asana.
34.Musical chanting of sanskrit mantras in call and response style, often with acoustic instruments.
35.Patanjali's yoga path of action, work and service (2 words).
38.Patanjali's yoga path of knowledge or wisdom (2 words).
40.The eight limbs of yoga. Also a type of hatha yoga practice developed by K. Pattabhi Jois.
42.Compiler of the Yoga Sutras c. 200 BC.
43.A sanskirt salutation representing, "The god/divine/light in me sees the god/divine/light in you".
45.The 3rd chakra (solar plexus). The site of knowing; fire; hunger, desire, willpower, core strength, digestion; where food is converted into prana.
48."The science of life"; a system of traditional medicine native to India.
51.A circular/radial geometric design representing the cosmos.
52.A visual representation of a mantra. Literally, "instrument".
53.Breath retention.
54.Any girl who actively practices yoga.
56.Author of Light of Yoga, the bible of modern yoga.
57.Anyone who actively practices yoga.
2.Upward flying lock (lower abdominals)(2 words)
3.“Limb” A fundamental category of the yoga path.
4.Ether; the fifth element alongside earth, air, fire and water; "inner" space, the space of consciousness.
5.Root lock (pelvic floor) (2 words).
6.The 7th chakra (crown). Represented by a thousand petaled lotus, it is the highest expression of our spiritual selves, the god within.
7.The recitation of mantra.
8.The 2nd chakra (sacral). The site of creativity, sexuality, and birth.
10.Chin-lock; occurs naturally in shoulderstand (2 words).
13.Yoga’s country of orgin.
15.Bellows breath. An energizing breath where air is forced in and out through the nose pulling the pelvic floor up on exhalation.
17.One of 7 energy centers located along the midline of the body (literally "wheel").
21."Skull shining". A breath but not a pranayama, rather it is one of the 6 Kriyas (purifications), its forced exhalations through abdominal contractions rids the lower lungs of stale air.
23.Patanjali's yoga path of physical and mental control; Meditation Yoga (2 words).
24.Patanjali's yoga path of devotion; of love (2 words).
26.A branch of Raja Yoga that includes asana, pranayama and kriyas. Literally the sun and the moon (two words).
27.The 1st chakra (root). Stability; security; fight or flight; earth, grounding, root primitivism of our being; seed; from where we come.
32.The potential cosmic energy visualized as a snake lying coiled at the base of the spine waiting to be awakened.
36.The 6th chakra (third eye). Balances perspective between our spiritual and animal selves. It achieves clarity via intuition.
37.Dreamless yogic sleep (two words).
39.A sacred sound or phrase, repeated either verbally or internally, that has a transformative effect on the mind.
41.An accomplished master yogi who teaches one or more students devoted to their practice.
42.Conscious control of the flow of prana via breathing.
44.A physical site where yoga and/or spirituality is taught. Literally "that where effort is made".
46.Perfection in a yoga posture.
47.“The cultivated language”. One of the first written human languages; usually written in devanagari script – the language of yoga.
49.The victorious breath. Conscious breathing through the nose while slightly contrcting the throat creating a wave like sound.
50.An incarnation of God Vishnu, the God-man whose teachings can be found in the Bhagavad Gita.
51.A hand (or body) seal or gesture.
55.The original sound which created the universe; within it is the seed of creation, preservation, and destruction. Also the sound of the crown chakra.

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