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Final Exam Review

Coach Key

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    11           12                
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1.In a parliamentary system this person has no real power
5.Consumers and the market make most economic decisions in this economic system
7.Government planners make most economic decisions
8.A tax placed on goods coming into one country from another
9.Who makes most of the important governmental decision s in an autocracy?
11.A consequence of cutting down trees for fuel in the Sahel
13.The longest river in Africa and the world
15.Skills and education workers have (2 words)
16.What is the religion of most of the Kurds? (2 Words)
17.How do dams effect water down stream
20.In a presidential form of democracy this person enforces the laws
24.Israeli Parliament
25.What is the religion of most of the Arabs in SW Asia? (2 words)
26.A limit to the number or amount of a import coming into the country
28.A formal halt to trade
29.In a confederation system, most of the power is in the hands of the ________________ government
30.Two or more economic systems
2.An example of a unitary government in SW Asia
3.Which ethnic group is most numerous in SW Asia
4.Drew up the new boundaries of the former Ottoman Empire after WWI
6.A Shia religious leader
7.Islam, Judaism, and _____________ are the three main religious groups
10.What is the religion of most Persians? (2 words)
12.Which SW Asia country would be described as a democracy?
14.Which SW Asia country would be described as a autocracy?
18.What modern country is the home to those who call themselves Persians?
19.In a unitary system, most of the power is in the hands of the ____________ government
21.A group of radical Muslims
22.What do Kurds share as part of their ethnic group
23.An example of a federal system in SW Asia
27.What does OPEC control on the world market

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