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Key Terms from Semester One

Mr Reynolds

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6.City of pleasure destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius
7.Roman form of government consisting of the Consuls, the Senate, the Centuriate Assembly, and the Tribal Assembly (2 Words)
8.art form derived from adding color to wet plaster; used by the Minoans
9.built using 'stolen' taxes from the treasury of the Delian League
10.Kore and Kouros were common scuptures of this Age in Greek history
11."forest of spears"
13.An old man, a sick man, a dying man, and a content monk (3 Words)
15.Suffering is inevitable, desire causing suffering, rid desire rid suffering, 8 fold path (3 Words)
16.This opening means 'eye,' and is the central feature of the Pantheon
18.This league was formed by Sparta and its allies to compete with the growing power of Athens (2 Words)
20.this term is derived from Greek for "people" "power"
22.Leadership of 4 - a government structure created by Diocletian to more easily manage the Empire
24.these warriors carrying iron weapons defeated the Mycenaean Greeks beginning the Dark Ages
25.These two men served one year terms at the head of the Roman Republic
27.This was a social welfare program created by Emperor Nerva but popularized by Emperor Trajan
29.This place was located north of mainland Greece and was home to Philip II and Alexander III
31.This ambassador of the Seleucid Empire travelled to Patna and wrote detailed accounts of life there
32.The Creator - when he wakes the universe is created, when he sleeps it is destroyed
1.aka - Byzantium, Nova Roma, or modern day Istanbul
2.This Jewish theory promoted the destruction of Babylonians, Egyptians, and Romans on Judgement Day (2 Words)
3.This roman landmark stands 125 feet tall and is popular due to the intricate carving depicting the Dacian Wars (2 Words)
4.teachers, doctors, lawyers, government officials, those who use mouth and mind
5.Athens and Sparta War relating to Athens abuse of other Greek city-states (2 Words)
12.literally meaning "Hot Gates," site of a great Persian victory
14.Those who 'serve'
17.Written language of the Minoans - a language that cannot be read
19.This Edict ended the persecution of Christians throughout the Roman Empire (3 Words)
20.'Duty,' the goal or purpose of a Hindu's life
21.This gene has existed for over 80,000 years and is still found in Indian's and other isolated peoples (2 Words)
23.This people offered Rome the toga, the aqueduct, city planning, and metal working
26.military victory achieved by Hannibal at a central grain trading hub in southern Italy
28.Having found enlightenment in this life a Hindu can reach ____________.
30.Athens first name, before Athena and Poseidon competed

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