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A. Wilson

1                         2
    7 8                        
9                                         10
14     15                 16            
  17                             18    
20                             21        

1.fats from dairy products, solid vegetable fats, and the red meat of animals (two words)
3.nutrients that help chemical reactions take place in the body
5.Taking in the same number of calories (energy intake) as you expend (energy expenditure). (Two words)
8.The calories one consumes from food. (two words)
9.starches and fiber; provides long lasting energy (two words)
11.nutrients that regulate many chemical reactions in the body
13.nutrients that provide energy to the body
14.fats from fish and plant products (two words)
17.proteins from animal sources that contain all of the essential amino acids(two words)
19.A term used to describe the amount of energy the body expends when in an inactive or basic (basal) state (two words)
20.A dangerous (and potentially life-threatening) condition associated with eating too little and often exercising too much.(two words)
21.a nutrient that makes up part of the blood, aids in digestion, helps remove body waste, regulates body temperature, and cushions the spinal cord and joints
22.a nutrient needed to build, repair, and maintain body tissues.
2.sugars the enter the bloodstream rapidly and provide quick energy (two words)
4.Having more body weight than is desirable for good health.
6.a unit of measure for both the energy supplied by food and the energy used by the body
7.proteins from plant sources that do not contain all of the essential amino acids (two words)
10.a fat-like substance made by the body and found in many foods
12.nutrients that are a source of energy and make certain vitamins available for use in the body
15.building blocks that make up proteins (two words)
16.part of grains and plant foods that cannot be digested
18.a chemical substance in foods that builds, repairs, and maintains body tissues; regulates body processes; and provides energy

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