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Human Body

A. Wilson

1 2 3
4 5 6              
  7 8        
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      27 28

5.The part of the brain that controls the ability to think, learn, and talk
10.A tough, flexible connecting tissue that attaches one bone to another bone at a joint
11.Bones that form the backbone
12.A sac attached to the liver, in which extra bile is stored until needed
14.A place in the body where bones come together and movement can occur
16.Any bone in the fingers or toes
18.A basin-shaped structure in the skeleton
21.An involuntary response not controlled by the brain
22.A hard structure that supports and protects and animal or human’s body
23.The long bone of the upper arm that extends from shoulder to elbow
24.The main part of the system of tubes by which air passes to and from the lungs to make breathing possible
30.The outer and usually smaller of the two bones of the hind limb below the knee
31.The upper portion of the windpipe that contain the vocal cords – voice box
1.The part of the brain that smoothes and coordinates movement
2.One of the pair od organs for breathing found in the chest. The lings take in oxygen from the air and remove carbon dioxide from the blood
3.Blood vessels that join the end of an artery to the beginning of a vein
4.The smallest unit of an organism that carries out all activities of life
6.The passage for food from the mouth to travel to the stomach
7.The muscular organ inside the chest that pumps blood through the body
8.Either of the two lower chambers of the heart that receive blood from the auricles and forces it into the arteries
9.The red liquid that flows throughout the bodies of humans
13.Any of the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart to all parts of the body
15.The small bones in the foot between the metatarsus and the leg – ankle
16.A gland near the stomach that helps digestion
17.A large reddish-brown organ in people and animals that helps the body absorb food
19.Different cells working together to do the same job
20.The large organ like a bag or pouch into which food passes from the mouth and throat to begin the process of digestion
25.The bone on the thumb side of the forearm
26.The chambers of the heart that receives the blood from the veins
27.To breathe air into the lungs
28.The long bone of the leg extending from the hip to the knee and supporting the thigh
29.One of the blood vessels through which the blood flows to the heart from all parts of the body

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