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4th Nephi 1:1-18

1 2 3   4  
5             6  
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15             16

3.There were not _____ and poor.
5.The Lord did _____ them exceedingly in the land.
8.Many cities which had been _____, therefore these cities could not be renewed.
9.There were no _____, nor strifes.
11.The people of Nephi became an exceedingly fair and _____ people.
12._____ and nine years had passed away.
15.There was no contention in the land, because of the _____ of God which did dwell in their hearts.
17.That great city _____ did they cause to be built again.
18.And they were _____, and were blessed.
1.All manner of _____ did disciples of Jesus work among the children of men.
2.Disciples of _____ had formed a church of Christ in all the lands round about.
4.They did walk after the _____ which they had received from their Lord.
6.The Lord did _____ them in all their doings.
7.And it came to pass that there was no _____ among all the people, in all the land
10.The people were all _____ unto the Lord, and there were no contentions.
13.There were no robbers, nor murderers nor any manner of _____.
14.A _____ years had passed away, and the disciples of Jesus had all gone to the paradise of God,
16.Thirty seven years passed and there still continued to be _____ in the land.

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