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1.water and clay that can be used like a "glue".
5.a hand building technique that uses the hands to roll out ropes of clay.
6.If you do not score and slip, your project might ________apart when it is fired.
7.A coating of glass suspended in liquid that is painted on to the clay to give it color, shine, and make it waterproof.
9.heating the dry clay to a temperature where the clay structure changes and produces a hard, permanent new clay structure. Our clay will heat to cone 06, or from 1,023* to 1,873* F. (2 Words)
11.a building technique using rolling pins to create sheets of clay. These can be cut to form patterns and assembled into forms.
12.What does NOT go on the bottom of the clay bowl/candle holder?
13.Ceramic bowls and candleholders make good _________ for Christmas/winter.
15.decomposed granite type rock with fine particles and no vegetative matter. Has other particles that give it color and affect it's firing temperatures.
16.Clay Rule #1: Do not ______clay.
17.a joining technique where two edges to be attached are roughened up and "glued" with a liquid clay ( slip ). (3 Words)
2.a furnace made of ceramic used to fire ( or heat ) ceramic objects
3.condition where clay had completely lost its moisture- it's ready to be fired in a kiln. (2 Words)
4.What goes on the bottom of your clay bowl/candle holder?
8.condition of raw clay where it has most of its moisture but is still able to be joined or carved. (2 Words)
10.pottery that has not been fired. (2 Words)
11.another word for score
14.How many times does the clay need to be fired if you use a glaze?

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