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Math 303 - Extra Credit

Diana Lee - 12/16/13

2 3 4                  
    6 7   8
11 12                   13        
16         17                    
  18 19   20 21          
24                 25          
26       27              
28     29      

4.Capital of thinkers of the classical world (Beckmann 55)
5.Golden' triangles with the side:base ratio of 1:phi (Livio 79)
9.Responsible for the first known use of the word "mathematician" (Root lecture of 9/9/13)
12.Astronomer/mathematician who championed the idea that the earth was not the center of the solar system, publishing his work "De Revolutionibus" from his deathbed in 1543 (Seife 89)
14.Murdered by a mob angry that they couldn't be Pythagorean (Seife 38)
15.French mathematician, physicist & philosopher born in 1596, possibly on a grid (Beckmann 117)
16.Burned alive in 1600 for heliocentrist views (Beckmann 81)
17.Dysfunctional mathematical family of the 17th-18th centuries (Maor 115)
20.Inventor of Calculus, not to be confused with Newton (Maor 40)
22.Murdered by the Pythagoreans for revealing the existence of irrational numbers (Seife 26)
24.Two numbers that are friendly in that the sum of the proper divisors of each is equal to the other number. (Root/the interwebs lecture of 9/4/13)
25.Astronomer/mathematician who believed that there were only six planets because there were only five Platonic solids, and later proved that the Fibonacci sequence converges on phi (Livio 146)
27.The number described by a one followed by 100 zeroes (Aczel 139)
28.Archimedes calculated me with hexagons (Beckmann 64)
29.Inappropriately linked Achilles with tortoises in order to troll mathematicians of his day (Seife 41)
30.Renaissance artist who used the golden proportion regularly in his art, most notably (or perhaps trivially?) in the coiled braids of the heroine in "Leda and the Swan" (Livio 118)
31.Father of the logarithm (Maor 4/5/2013)
1.According to Einstein, this "is only a means for expressing the laws of nature" (Livio 30)
2.Capital of thugs of the classical world (Beckmann 55)
3.Rules the universe, according to Pythagoras (Maor 187)
6.Murderer of the slide rule (Maor 16)
7.Developer of the mathematical 'triangle' and inspiration for Leibniz' work on the Calculus (Beckmann 123)
8.The Joker to Cantor's Batman (Aczel 132)
10.Best known appellation of the mathematician from Pisa who championed the use of Hindu-Arabic numerals (Livio 92)
11.All around mathematical badass born in 1707, who wrote brilliantly, prolifically, and continued to produce even after he went totally blined (Beckmann 147-157)
13.The hypothesis that ostensibly drove Cantor mad (Aczel ~162)
14.The symbol of the Pythagorean cult. Err, Brotherhood. (Livio 34)
18.Greek Sophist philosopher who enuncuated the "principle of exhaustion", and greatly influenced the calculation of pi (until the invention of calculus) (Beckmann 37)
19.Father of modern set theory (Aczel 105)
21.Greatest teacher of mathematics ever, author of a geometry textbook in use for over 2200 years (Livio 76-77)
22.The university at which Georg Cantor spent the majority of his career (Aczel 96)
23.Inventor of Calculus, not to be confused with Leibniz (Maor 40)
26.Greek architect for whom the notation for the golden ratio was named (Livio 5)
29.Historically, the most feared, hated and banned number (Seife 2)

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