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Ch 4 Crossword

Ms. G

1               2       3
4   5                    
6                 7     8            
9     10    
  11 12                      
    15 16          
17                       18              
    19             20    

1.* the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point
4.Energy-rich compounds such as sugars and starches
6.a group of two or more atoms joined together chemically
7.*occurs when light bounces off a surface
12.* the bending of light as it crosses a boundary between two different transparent materials
17.* the light ray that strikes a surface
18.complex molecules made from smaller molecules called amino acids
19.contains two or more different elements that are chemically joined
21.* an objected designed to refract light in a specific way
2.contain information needed for making proteins
3.a process that rearranges the atoms of one or more substance into one or more new substances
5.* the light ray that bounces off a surface
8.* an imaginary line that represents a thin beam of light
9.* a point where light rays meet
10.the newly formed substance in a chemical reaction
11.* Magnifies objects so you can see there features
13.Energy-rich compounds such as fats, oils and waxes
14.this compound has a very high specific heat
15.the "ingredients" you start with in a chemical reaction
16.smallest particle that keeps the chemical identity of the element
20."recipe" for making all of YOUR proteins

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